Akoma Tours Book Drive 2015

Akoma Ntoaso Tours & Products is committed to advancing the education of  children of Afrikan descent in Jamaica, who reside in the regions of Manchester (in particular Scotts Pass, Berrydale, St. Toolies & Porus), Clarendon (Scotts Pass, Clarendon Park etc) and parts of St. Catherine.

OUR Akoma Ntoaso Tours Book Drive is an ONGOING incentive which we launched in the summer of 2014. We seek to increase National Pride in Our Afrikan heritage amongst the child population of the communities noted above (ages 2-12).

Our Book Drive is focused on promoting Afrocentric education in Jamaica's rural communities. If you would like more information about what type of donations you should send, reach out to US at akomatours@gmail.com. WE encourage all those who are committed to raising awareness of Our children in Jamaica, to kindly make a donation of some form to this worthy cause. We accept books, dvd's/afrocentric cartoons, toys, dolls,  school supplies, backpacks &  clothing (for all children aged 2-12 yrs of age) etc.

All donations can be sent directly to Jamaica by mail OR to our overseas address in Canada. We will be happy to provide the mailing address to all those who are interested in supporting Our Akoma Ntoaso Tours community book drive. Anyone who donates goods by mail will receive 10% off of the Akoma Tours package of their choice. Please spread the word and assist US in educating OUR children about their TRUE legacy, culture and inheritance. If you are interested in sending a monetary donation towards the Book Drive, you can do so via paypal as well, please contact us for our paypal transfer info. We apprecilove your support. Nuff Raspect.

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